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Jul 25

Crystal Castles - Plague 

New track! Download

Jul 14


The weekend of September 10th/11th I can:

1) Stay in Richmond for the weekend and pay $21 to see Best Coast and Girl Talk

2) Get a ride or take a bus to Northern VA and pay $15 to see Toro y Moi/Unknown Mortal Orchestra and then go to Virgin Free Fest in MD the next day to see Bombay Bicycle Club/Two Door Cinema Club/The Black Keys/Deadmau5 and TV on the Radio (assuming I can get tickets).

I think I’m going to go with option 2 because I would kill myself for missing Toro y Moi or Bombay Bicycle Club.

Side Note: I need to find money to see Bright Eyes in DC in September and Beirut and Crystal Castles in October. (I have seen all 3 of these bands in the last six months).

Double Side Note: Starfucker is playing in DC on a Monday and I’m going to miss it. Fuck.


May 27

Bloc Party - Hunting for Witches (Crystal Castles Remix)

Everyone should try to be more like Alice Glass.

Apr 12

Crystal Castles - Fainting Spells

Mar 17

A video from Crystal Castles at the 930 club. I only wish it captured how crazy it was….but you get the picture.

Recap of Crystal Castles

The show was insane! Despite having a broken ankle, Alice Glass still ran around stage screaming and she went crowd surfing multiple times. She’s a bamf to say the least. The only disappointing thing about the show was the crowd. There was an odd amount of teenage girls and boys at the show who were extremely rude. I understand at a show that you should expect to get pushed and moved around but this was a bit ridiculous. It was little girls getting thrown around the crowd bumping into everyone and knocking people over because they couldn’t stand. Then you had the awkward couples that were linked together grinding and bumping into everyone. Plus, it was Crystal Castles so a lot of the crowd was trashed or on drugs. Originally we (myself, my friend anneliese, my roommate and his girlfriend) were like 3 rows back inbetween stage left and the middle. We had a really great view of the stage but too much of our time at that point was spent just shoving people out of the way. I am 6 feet tall and my roommate is easily 6’2 so eventually we just made a wall of man and just cleared space. Little drunk girls behind us were constantly trying to get in front of us when there was OBVIOUSLY no room so we just shoved them out of the way like gentlemen. Eventually the four of us just moved out and danced elsewhere. Once we moved back a few rows everyone was super chill and was being polite and making room for everyone. Definitely got some good dancing in.

Overall, the show was sick. I would recommend seeing them live if you have a chance. Their music live sounds just how you would expect and they have an awesome light show. It’s just a kickass rave/dance party that is enjoyable whether you’re sober or trashed or stoned.

*PS I hope your show is 18+ or 21+ because it will save you a little bit of shoving and trash talking.

*PSS I have never sweat more in my life!

Jan 27

Crystal Castles - Doe Deer

Just snagged my tickets for March 16th. See all you VA kids theree!

Jan 10

Crystal Castles - Baptism

Sounds Similar to - Dance Club Magic; Drunken Screams mixed with Heavy Bass